5 Reasons Retailers Should Take Advantage of a Wholesale ASP POS Solution

There are a variety of different POS solutions available to retailers. Web-based solutions are offer a variety of benefits to all types of storefronts and retailers. This is especially true of ASP solutions. As an added bonus, wholesale ASP POS solutions are now designed to cut out the middleman which provides even greater benefits to small, medium, and large retailers.

Remote Support

One of the most obvious benefits is remote support. By utilizing a wholesale ASP POS solution retailers no longer need to wait on service providers to show up on site in order to fix problems. Since these solutions are available via the web all of the support can be handled remotely. Not only does this cut down on support costs but it also decreases any potential downtime. Plus, wholesale providers can quickly discriminate between bugs, user error, and configuration issues. This significantly speeds up the support process.

Centralized Application Server

Another benefit of taking advantage of wholesale ASP POS solutions is the ability to apply patches and upgrades only to the application server. Retailers no longer need to apply upgrades and patches to each individual machine. Instead they only need to upgrade their primary server in order for the fax to be instantaneously distributed to all of the individual machines using the POS solution.

Enhanced Flexibility

Another benefit of a centralized application server is any updates and pricing, discounts, and inventory can be viewed or altered from any location chosen by the retailer. Retailers have the capability of only allowing these changes to be made to the centralized application server, but they also have the ability to allow individual store managers to make these changes as well. This provides maximum flexibility based upon the retailers overarching business strategy.

Long-Term Cost Savings

An overlooked cost related benefit of utilizing a wholesale ASP POS solution provider is the ability to limit long-term costs. Instead of going through a middleman the retailer now has the ability to work directly with the wholesaler. This offers numerous long-term cost savings in regards to ongoing maintenance, support, and any software related purchases.

Zero Lag in Information

The final benefit of working with a wholesale ASP POS solution provider is the ability to eliminate lag time in regards to information. Any entry, sale, or refund provided on the POS system will immediately be reflected by the centralized application server. This means retail establishment owners and managers will be able to instantaneously see any actions that have taken place within seconds of the transaction happening. Not only does this provide real-time information but also allows owners and managers to react to the newly available information accordingly.

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