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A Little Tweet Can Go a Long Way to Reach Customers

Social media is the phenomenon of recent years. However, the way it’s being used-and how much-varies significantly among demographic groups. For example, take Facebook. The average number of friends on this popular media platform is 510, for those who are ages 18 to 24. However, the older one gets, the fewer friends he or she is likely to have on Facebook-just 113 for users who are between 55 and 64 years of age. And while the younger set in particular has embraced using social media as the norm, not every demographic has the same comfort level; older groups are not as conversant in using these platforms, reporting some unintended sharing of information because they didn’t fully comprehend how to use them. The same could be true of any firm that attempts to practice online insurance marketing.

Companies today are increasingly building Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram components into their strategies to attract new clients and retain existing customers. Unfortunately, those plans can go awry and cause confusion and embarrassment, even costing firms some clients, if the medium being employed is not well understood.

Some things to know

For those who aren’t familiar with this network which launched about five years ago, Twitter is pretty simple to use, and applications abound that make it quick and easy to to send a “tweet”-the message conveyed by Twitter-to an audience from just about any location. To make tweets really relevant to the firm’s business and use this platform wisely and efficiently to reach the intended demographic with impact, consider taking some social media tutorials or training modules. Otherwise, sending empty messaging just becomes another voice in the cacophony that readers will promptly delete without reading.

Space is truly limited

Keep in mind that tweets offer a maximum of 140 characters, so whatever the message, it must be short and sweet. This limitation can be-well, limiting, if the information that needs to be conveyed is complicated, it’s nearly impossible to express it fully in just 140 little letters.

Firms can easily take to the Twitter universe, using it for networking purposes as well as a mechanism to drive online insurance marketing. Just make sure that a Twitter program is well thought out and integrated with other messaging to ensure that tweets enhance the firm’s brand, reinforce its sales program goals, and presents a consistent voice that speaks volumes to clients and prospects about what the firm can do for them.

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