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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Earn Your First Dollar With Affiliate Marketing!

Do you want to know how to earn $10 to $20 per month with affiliate marketing? The very first thing you want to do is to make your first dollar. It seems obvious, but many beginners try to make thousands of dollars at their first try.

It doesn’t really work like this. Do you know that those who are earning several thousands per month started from scratch? Most of them have spent month to build their business. So what you should do when you are just getting started? There are many ways to get started, but all you need to do is start somewhere.

You can write articles and submit them to directories. Why would you write articles and submit them for free? Good question. In fact, you should do this to drive traffic to your site and build a list of subscribers. Many beginners think that it is better to send the potential buyer to the merchant site, but this is not the way to do it because when you do this, you will never have another chance to promote your affiliate product to this prospect. When he leaves your site, he is gone for good. But look at this scenario now. When you build a list of prospects and send them valuable information, they will start to trust you and later on, they may buy from you.

So if you want to make your first dollar online, write articles, and add a link in your bio box for visitors to go straight to your own website.

Source by Jamian Surenjav

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