Can You Walk Comfortably in High Heels?

If you really want to look stylish and be the center of attraction in an event, nothing can beat off than a pair of high heels. If you are short height, you will look taller in high heels. Besides, you will appear slimmer with longer legs if you wear a pair of stilettos with your favorite outfit. However, in spite of the gorgeous looks of a high heel, often women complaint of painful feet and discomfort when wearing them for a long time or regularly. Studies reveal painful feet are the result of stilettos, pointed tip shoes, and narrow heels. While podiatrists stress on getting away with high heels, today’s fashion conscious women find it hard to keep aside pointy toe footwear. That is why; you need to pre-plan to make your high heels work for you.

Let’s see how you can we make high heels comfortable

Go for the right size

When you are purchasing footwear it is most important, that it fits properly from the moment you buy them. Yes, you must wear different sized shoes to finally pick up the right size for a perfect fit. Podiatrists know our feet can grow larger as we get older. Besides, pregnant women tend to have longer or wider feet. That is why, it is so important to have the right size for a comfortable fit.

Prefer round toes

Round-toed shoes prevent joint pain, crunched toes and even bunions by not allowing your feet to tug your big toe in. Round toes keep your toes flat and spread out naturally.

Do not buy too high

Podiatrists warn women not to buy too much pointed heels to prevent pain and discomfort. You should avoid three or four-inch heels since they put excessive pressure on the ball and bones in the front of your foot.

Tailor your width

Sometimes we find difficulty getting perfectly fitting shoes. The reason is most of the shoe manufacturers design standard medium-width shoes. If you have wide feet, you will definitely feel uncomfortable in these medium-width shoes. So the shoemaker should have a strategy ready to stretch the shoes to widen the toe box for a comfortable fit.

Cushion up

You will notice many fashion shoes in the market have less than adequate cushioning resulting in foot pain after prolonged use. If proper pads are not placed right under the ball of your foot, you will feel pain after repeated wearing since the ball of your foot will have to bear excessive pressure without sufficient cushioning.

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