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ClickBank Marketing Secrets – Affiliate Pre-Sell Page Guide

Most beginners in affiliate marketing start out promoting products on a platform such as ClickBank or PayDotCom by using pre-sell or review type pages. The idea is to get those pages listed high for the name of the product in the search engines, get visitors interested in learning more about the product, and finally–to get visitors to click on your affiliate link at your pre-sell page to go to the sales page for the product. If the visitor ends up buying the product, you get a commission.

The success of this method is predicated on the successful implementation of just a handful of key things. Let’s take a look at those things and how you can optimize them to your benefit. The first thing is that if your pre-sell page doesn’t show on the front page of Google, or another major search engine, you won’t get any traffic (if that is your intended source of traffic).

You must be familiar with the latest SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to get your page to show well in the SERPs. Learn about meta tags, LSI, keyword density, and everything you can related to SEO. One of the biggest factors is the number of back-links you have for your page.

Once you show in the SERPs, and even before you start your “pre-selling”, you should attempt to opt-visitors in to your own list. You will need an auto-responder service (two common ones are aWeber and GetResponse) to handle the names you opt in. It is common to offer a mini-course or a newsletter for people to subscribe to. Bonuses are usually offered to encourage visitors to opt-in to such lists.

You must also have a strong title that incorporates the name of the product (or the keyword phrase you are targeting) and pulls readers in. The title of your pre-sell page is the first exposure visitors have with you so it must be good.

We can define pre-selling as the art of getting prospects warmed up to a product before making a decision to buy it. Key point: Let the product vendor’s sales page do the heavy lifting in terms of selling. You pre-sell page is just to provide a little useful information about the product and act as a funnel for visitors to pass through on their way to the actual sales page. Don’t over-sell!

In some niches, such as the Internet marketing niche, customers expect bonuses when they buy through an affiliate’s links. In many other niches bonuses aren’t used so much. If you offer a bonus, such as a video or PDF file–make sure it correlates closely with the product you are promoting.

One of the best techniques for getting an education is simply to visit as many pre-sell pages for other products in your niche as you can to see how others set them up. These are some of my best ClickBank secrets.

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