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ClickBank Newbies, Don’t Lose Your Initial ClickBank Payment

Let’s face it – I do not want to pour cold water over you ClickBank affiliate marketing newbies, especially when you are just starting up your first internet marketing business venture and you have been working so hard to get that business going. As newbies, we always wish to think that we will be making continuous sales once we have setup our website. However the stark reality is that for the majority of us, we may have to work very hard for that to happen. It may take a while; weeks, sometimes even months before we get that kind of sales consistency that we are looking for.

While we are in the process of trying to make the consistent sales, we sometimes hit a “jackpot” early in our internet marketing journey. In this simple scenario, say someone happened to clicked on your site. They like what they see and they made a purchase via the affiliate link. Hey presto, you have got your very first sale! So as a newbie, you are very happy and start to look forward towards receiving your first check. However weeks pass and there is still no check for your ClickBank payment in the mail. Before you know it, three months has quickly passed without you making the second sale while you are busy building backlinks and doing the necessary SEO stuff to generate traffic to our site.

So why are you not getting that ClickBank payment check? The reason you are not getting your ClickBank payment check is this; are you aware that there is a condition in US accounting regulations known as the Customer Distribution Requirement? The Customer Distribution Requirement requires vendors like ClickBank to pay you only after you have five sales with five different credit cards. Hence you now know why even if you have made five sales to one customer who uses the same credit card in his purchases through ClickBank, you are also not paid until you get an additional four different credit card sales!

On top of that, ClickBank also has a policy on dormant accounts. If your account is dormant according to the time period specified by ClickBank, you will be charged a certain fee on a per day basis. The dormant account policy kicks in after 90 days of no earnings. This per day fee goes up drastically after certain time period of time. Hence, you will find that if you had a windfall of a first sale (maximum commission by ClickBank is $100) and you do not have four other sales with different credit cards, ClickBank will start charging you the dormant fee which will eat into your ClickBank payment.

Statistics show that ClickBank has approximately 2.8 million affiliates but only around 110,000 active members. So, how do you stop yourself from falling victim as a dormant account holder because you have less than five different credit card sales and start losing your ClickBank payment daily to ClickBank? To find out how to be a continuous active member while you continue to build your business, click on the link at the resource box. Do something fast before you lose your ClickBank payment as a result of a dormant account.

Source by James Causian

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