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So you’ve become a Clickbank affiliate. You’re promoting products. You’re getting your affiliate checks every two weeks. You’re loving the life of a Clickbank affiliate. It’s the greatest job on the planet. However, you have this niggling feeling that you could do better. That you could make more money. But how?


Clickbank affiliates need tools no differently than the plumber, the artist or the teacher.

The greatest tool affiliate marketers can have is information.

The best way to get information is by using technology, more specifically: software.

Software mines data, performs analysis and gives you valuable information to help you better pick and promote products.

There is not a lot of Clickbank software out there. But the software you want is software that gives you sales analysis. How well is such and such product selling? How well has it sold over time? How much competition does this product have? How many affiliates are promoting it? What kind of return rates is a product getting? How much commission can an affiliate earn? What percentage?

This is the info that drives an affiliate to only pick the very best products to concentrate his or her marketing efforts on.

It would be crazy to promote a product you knew nothing about. It would be foolish to promote a product with a 90% return rate. It would be a waste of time to promote a product that only pays you 1%. You need to do research and a solid piece of Clickbank software will aid you in doing this.

Good Clickbank Software will have ways to mine the product marketplace. That means keyword search, category search, product ID search. It should also have clean, relevant and accurate search results. These results should show momentum, gravity, product prices, commissioned earned and everything relevant that will help an affiliate find a solid product to promote.

Source by Sarah Celeste

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