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ClickBank Vs Amazon – Which Affiliate Network Is Better?

You have most likely all heard of the Amazon affiliate network and the ClickBank affiliate network. Although, which one should you focus on? Here is my detailed comparison of the two.

Let’s start by talking about Amazon and listing the advantages and disadvantages, before we move on to ClickBank.

Amazon Advantages

There are so many advantages of using the Amazon affiliate network. Firstly, they have already paid out over $10 billion to affiliates worldwide. So you can clearly see that people have had huge success using the system. The main advantage is fairly obvious. There are so many products you can promote! Amazon has millions of products listed on their website. There are products in every niche, so many that it’s hard to decide exactly which ones you think you should promote. One of the other great advantages is that they give you individual product banners that you can use and actually customize slightly to match the theme of your website.

Amazon Disadvantages

There aren’t many disadvantages to Amazon’s affiliate network. However, if I were to compare to ClickBank, which is the goal I’m trying to achieve here, Amazon pay you two months later than the month you receive the commissions. So if for April you made $300 in commissions, you would not receive this until the end of June/beginning of July. Another disadvantage is that the commission percentage is a lot lower than ClickBank’s. Amazon’s Commission rate is 4-10%, whereas ClickBank’s is usually around 50-75%!

So what about the ClickBank affiliate network?

ClickBank Advantages

The main advantage of ClickBank is the Commission percentage rates. Their huge! Ranging from 50-75%, this is higher than almost any other affiliate network. The quality of products does vary a lot, but most of them have tonnes of tools you can use to promote the product, such as email templates, banners, articles etc, which are incredibly useful.

ClickBank Disadvantages

The only disadvantages of the ClickBank affiliate system is that there aren’t as many products to promote compared to Amazon. Also, as the market for eBooks is slightly different, it is a little more difficult to find products that aren’t being over promoted already or are close to the end of their product life cycle.

Overall it really depends on what your website, blog or page is about. I would try to find a happy medium between the two. If you own a website where visitors would definitely be interested in a “how to” eBook, then definitely promote ClickBank products. If you own a website that talks about a product, or a range of products then I would promote products from Amazon.

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