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Do Clickbank Malls Really Work?

Clickbank is a company that sells digital products that webmasters can promote to make money online as the people that introducing buyers to the products. There is also a thing called a Clickbank mall, this mall is actually a way to promote every Clickbank product on your own server. Many people buy or get for free these malls hoping that thousands of people will stream into their website and buy the Clickbank products from this mall.

Free Clickbank malls seem like a great idea. There is nothing like having 1000’s of pages that you own that can be searched for and found by anyone looking for any particular niche. Beats creating articles to point to the affiliate sites right?

Well the trouble with any clickbank mall is that there is nothing that makes the difference between you mall and the mall that your neighbor put up this afternoon. The pages are all the same and when Google looks at the pages it sees exactly the same thing at your page as it does at your neighbors page.

Let’s look at how Google looks at any Clickbank affiliates page. If you want to create a page for any affiliate program, let’s say the Rich Jerk ebook, you put up some kind of content with a Clickbank affiliate link. Google sees the page and decides that it has words that it can rank for and gives it a bit of a black mark for pointing to an affiliate program. Now you rank number 372 in Google for the term “Rich Jerk Review” or something like that. To rise higher in Google you are going to have to have other sites point to your page, preferably with the link text of Rich Jerk Review…not very likely. This is exactly what would have to happen with every page in your Clickbank mall.

If there is no competition for your Clickbank affiliate term then you do not need any links to rank high in the search engines for your keyword but if you have a clickbank mall each of your pages as I said before are the same so the only way that you can make a difference is lots of pages linking back.

No one has yet found a way to get link backs to pages with nearly no content so you will have to find a way around it.

The only way to successfully rank for Clickbank affiliate programs is to create keyword rich pages and have the content good enough to have other people (or yourself but that is another place altogether) link to your page.

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