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Do Two Tier Affiliate Programs Work?

Two tier affiliate programs are often seen as a great option for new affiliate marketers. This article provides our views on two-tier programs, what some of the problems are, and most importantly what you need to look for when choosing such a program.

On paper two tier programs are great. Similar to how a network market works, you organize for other affiliate marketers to join up underneath you, and you profit from every product that they sell. It sounds almost too easy.

The problem however, is that there are a lot of affiliate marketers who sign up hoping that if they get other people underneath them to sell products they will get big percentage checks sent their way. This means you often have a lot of people; however, not many of them are actually selling products. Instead they are spending most of their time trying to get other marketers to join up. We are sure you are starting to see the problem.

In our opinion, unless the program has some really good products to offer or stands out from the crowd, you will probably not do very well from them. However, if you find one that is selling a product that people need, that is of a quality and a price that is acceptable, then you could find yourself on a gold mine.

It is 101 of marketing. Find a product that addresses a problem that people need answered, in a niche that isn’t too competitive and start promoting the product. No matter which way you look at it or which program you use, this is a fundamental of marketing.

So our advice is to research the program first, make sure the product is needed and sellable, and then join these programs. If you don’t do this first then you will be wasting your time and or money following a program that isn’t going to sell products.

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