Fresh or Organic Peas Have a Pleasing Color and an Amazing Flavor When Chucked and Seasoned Well

Pass me the peas, please…

One delicious way of infusing more color and flavor to your holiday dinner table is by purchasing farm-fresh vegetables; like multicolored corn on the cob; or one of my favorites, dark, green peas still in the shell, though chucked, cooked and seasoned well!

Chuck your own peas this year; a time investment and more attention; retrieve peas from their shells; you’ll notice the difference of natural selection, sweetness and crispness, and a few other qualities that are worthy of mention…


2 Lbs. of fresh, organic peas, still in the pod; discarding the shells; rendering your prize as you remove the hard, outer shell or skin, it’s you who wins, when you retrieve your find, that once concealed the gift of tasty peas inside.

2 garlic cloves, fresh and finely minced. (I use the smaller holes of my cheese grater and enjoy the garlic oil that is unleashed).

2-3 cups freshly made turkey, chicken stock or vegetable broth(low sodium or organic are my broths, or vegetable stock of choice). Actually, any stock of your preference is fine.

2 Small bay leaves.

1 Tablespoon of olive oil. (of Mediterranean origin are the tastiest, in my opinion)

½ Teaspoon of butter, oh,yes, I know,, we all use more than that, maybe a full teaspoon will do..

½ Teaspoon of fresh, ground cumin or cumin powder.

½ cup chopped celery, use your celery leaves too…

½ cup chopped red or yellow bell peppers, (include them all for added flavor and color).

1 Medium, diced shallot,( red onions are also sweet and delicious and a great substitute).

½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice, retrieve a 1/2 spoonful of the zest, before extracting the juice from your lemon.

1-3 tablespoons of sea salt

¼ cup fresh, chopped parsley leaves.

Fresh, ground, white, pepper to taste.

Clean and chuck your peas and set aside in a bowl. Combine salt, bay leaves, celery, bell peppers, shallots, and two minced garlic cloves, peas and broth,or stock in a medium, sauce pan achieving a boil..

Cooking time varies on the firmness of your fresh peas from 12 to 22 minutes. (If I am in a pinch for time, I cook for 10-15 minutes in my pressure cooker).

Remove from heat, drain your stock or broth;discard your bay leaves; continue with the rest of the cooking suggestions). Remain close or very near, in proximity, to your kitchen, avoid overcooking; let your peas still render a tender bite…

Transfer to a decorative bowl, add remaining ingredients, adding your lemon juice; blend in your fresh parsley. Garnish with bright, yellow lemon zest! Serve along with the rest of your desired lunch or dinner entrée, or as a nutritious snack, anytime of night or day.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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