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How To Read ClickBank Stats

When it comes to promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate, the first thing that you have to look at before deciding whether or not to promote is the products’ statistics.

For each of the products listed in ClickBank’s marketplace, it comes with several statistics about the product, along with a brief description of it, as well as the category in which the product was listed.

What you will discover in the rest of the post are explanations on what each and every statistic that you see for each product in the ClickBank marketplace mean:

Avg $/Sale – This specifies how much you can expect to earn (on average) for every sale you refer.

Initial $/Sale – This refers to how much you will get paid whenever someone whom you refers purchases the product.

Avg %/Sale – This percentage value denotes the amount (in percentage) that the merchant has offered to you, as an affiliate, for every single sale you refer (Generally, this figure hoovers around 50% to 75%).

Avg Rebill Total – This column will only appear if customers are required to pay a recurring payment (meaning they will have to make payment either monthly, bimonthly, or annually, to stay subscribed and be able to have continued access to the features available in the product). The amount that is stated in this column is an estimated amount that you will receive per customer (you will get paid as well whenever someone whom you referred makes a recurring payment).

Avg %/Rebill – Similar to Avg Rebill Total, this column will only appear if the product/service requires customers to make a recurring payment. The percentage stated here is the amount (in percentage) of the recurring payment you will receive (as commissions).

Grav – This number here denotes the number of unique affiliates who have successfully promoted (and sold) the product over an 8-week period.

Cat – The category in which this product is listed in.

Facebook Like Button – This button is just recently introduced by ClickBank where, if you are logged in and you hit the “Like” button, it will post the product onto your Facebook wall (along with your affiliate link) – So, whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases the product, you will get paid.

I hope that, with this post, you now have a better understanding of what each and every statistic that comes together with every ClickBank product in the marketplace mean.

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