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Chicken dishes are the favorite of weekend parties. Even a simple roast chicken can make the day if it is paired with the perfect glass of wine. So, have you decided which one you are going to serve this weekend? Well chicken can be paired with many of the wines, but knowing what goes best with your dish can win you some praises. So, before serving your guest at the brunch, first determine the type of wine that pairs best with the different chicken recipes.

  • Red Wines

When it’s about red wine, then you will have to go for chicken with loads of tomato-pepper sauce. Among the high-end varieties of wine, we suggest you to open a bottle of Merlot. The jammy wine will go perfectly with the thick tomato recipes. How can we forget the all time favorite, chicken with Barbeque sauce? Serve this one with a glass of full-bodied wine Shiraz. The richer the preparation of the dishes, the more tannin wine you can have. However, if you are opting for cold dishes, then opt for Brachetto, a red wine from Italy.

  • White wines

A light oaked white wine is considered the best to be paired with a cheesy version of chicken dishes. Some of those recipes are chicken tetrazzini, chicken salads, chicken in creamy sauce, and other mild chicken curries. So, if you are cooking anything around this, then go for an Oaked Chardonnay, Viognier, Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc. Among these, Sauvignon Blanc is the best bait if the chicken is prepared with aromatic herbs, especially when it is rosemary and thyme. However, if you are looking towards for something spicy, then aromatic whites will work perfectly.

When we say spicy, it means it’s going to include the spiciest chicken dishes of the world such as the Thai green chicken curry or chicken tikka masala or the Chinese sweet and sour chicken. Open a bottle of medium-dry Riesling and Pinot Gris and make the Sunday brunch memorable for the guests. The rest depends on your taste as the variety of white wines are an all time favorite.

  • Rose Wines

When it comes to chicken and wine pairing, medium bodied rose wine can even beat the white and red wine. Keep the flavors intense with the use of olives, saffron, anchovy, and garlic and serve the grilled chicken with southern French and Spanish roses. Moreover, stick to the dry roses until the sauce is heavily sweet.

Some other wines are also there that your guests might like and one of those and are the cider, serve it with roasted chicken. Even the sparkling wines are in demand when it comes to fry chicken.

The rest depends on the choice of your guests. So, have a fun weekend with chicken and wine!

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