The Denouement – Christian Theology As Epic Fantasy by Hugh Centerville

Apocryphal, Literature, Philosophy, and Theology

“The Denouement” is an allegory combining epic literature, mythology, and theology. Hugh Centerville use angels, demons, sorcery, and fantasy as a medium to build a complex plot, which includes a series of events beginning with the Great War in Heaven leading to the final Battle of Armageddon taken from the book of Revelation.

Centerville borrows characters from history to carry forward his plot. These include Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar. His narrative also includes: Michael the Avenger, Gabriel, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Goliath important players found in the Bible. Mythical and fictional characters include: Thebes, Cornelius, Philip, Rowen, Damien, Cobungus, and others.

Well chosen themes of good and evil are reminiscent of the classic writings of: Dante, Milton, von Goethe, and Tolkien. The book is filled with hidden meaning; signs, symbols, that add to the building tension and intrigue of this electrifying saga. Centerville’s word pictures paint a picture of a world of as a civilization of barbarian darkness.

The use of strong verbs and fast moving dialog help keep the story line moving forward toward its crest. Centerville blends a balance of pure entertainment with important background information and theological truth.

Careful research into the Apocrypha, literature, philosophy, and theology provide authority to Centerville’s analysis and assumption.

“The Denouement” is a remarkable combination of original thinking, imaginative fantasy, creative conjecture, and thought provoking theology. A timely and important contribution to understanding end-times theology, current events and contemporary mystics.

Create Space, 978-1448612635

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Source by Richard R Blake

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