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What Makes Affiliate Marketing Clicks?

Many successful affiliate marketers are out there earning big bucks. But have you ever thought of becoming one of them? If it is a yes, that is great! And if it is a no, now’s the time to do so (it is never too late you know!). So how do you make it clicks for you? What are the secrets behind that make affiliate marketing clicks?

These particular 2 secrets I going to share with you are actually abilities that are in or within us. They are the powers that we tend to neglect while seeking our wealth. I am not trying to exaggerate here but that is the truth. Here’s the 1st ability that is in all of us: Passion


So what’s with the ability ‘Passion’? Being passionate about the things you do or work on will bring you towards a height that you could never have thought of. Probably higher than Mount Everest! First of all, it is a fact that results are far much better when you do things that you are interested in.

For example: When you start out as an affiliate marketer, many gurus out there will suggest writing articles to promote your affiliate product. But the truth is many people (including myself!) are not good at writing articles, and worst finding them tedious. I never thought that I could write one (even a small number of 3 seems hard for me) till I get myself into it.

Why? It is all because of my passion to start my own online business which aided in overcoming my fear of writing. I am not kidding on this. Successful people like Donald J. Trump, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are passionate about what they are doing. They are the real-life examples that have proven that being passionate help to bring them to where they are today.

Find your passion and take it into affiliate marketing. Loving what you do is so much better than just for the sake of doing so. I am sure you will be much happier than before!

2nd Ability: ‘Energizety’ Mentality

What is this weird ‘Energizety’ mentality I am talking about? Have you seen Energizer’s commercial on their black silvery battery that ‘Never Say Die’? Yes, that what I am talking about here. This 2nd Ability is none other than perseverance (which I always like to call it ‘Energizety’ mentality). Each of us has different levels of perseverance.

Take for example: A math quiz. How many times will you try to tackle on that particular quiz to get the answer? 5 tries? 10 tries? Or giving up after just 1 or 2 tries? All of this will come down to how strong your ‘Energizety’ is. The stronger you are, the higher the number of tries you will attempt to solve the quiz.

I personally believe in this quote from Vince Lombardi that ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’. I almost gave up in setting up my online business when I was confused where to start from. There are tons and tons of information available and I was overloaded by them. I felt restless and reluctant to continue regardless spending thousands of dollars into getting materials.

‘This is just so hard’, I thought. After spending much time wandering in the lost world, I decided I should just start somewhere and keep moving on. As from experience, there is very little chance on going back in an area of study once you have quit from it before. I figured out that I will let nobody down but myself if I quit just like that. I persevered on and started in affiliate marketing (which I am still in it).

You just have to keep it going and slowly increase your ‘Energizety’ level. Soon you will find that no one can stop you from achieving the goals that you have set!


I hope these 2 abilities that I have shared with you earlier on will spur you into doing or improve your own ‘clicking’ affiliate marketing. Be passionate about it and keep your ‘Energizety’ high!

With that, I am sure you will be able to make your affiliate marketing clicks!

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