What You Should Know About Your DUI Lawyer

Choosing the right drunk driving lawyer can be a tricky process with so many lawyers out there to choose from. It’s already bad enough that you have to deal with the idea of being arrested and worrying about what to do next. You conduct searches on the internet for a DUI lawyer and ask friends for referrals, but how do you really know which one will actually work for you? Here are a few things you should know about a DUI lawyer before you hire him/her to represent you:

1. How long has he/she been practicing drunk driving law? What’s their experience in DUI defense? It’s important to know what kind of experience your DUI lawyer has had. Naturally, the more experienced they are, the better they are at finding information and resources to help you with your case.

2. Is the lawyer easily accessible? Can you contact him/her by phone and email without having to go through the run-around? If you have to answer to a lawyer’s secretary all the time, then you’re working with the wrong person.

3. Will the lawyer be in court with you or will he/she send an assistant? It’s important to have someone in court with you whom you trust will represent you to the best of their ability.

4. Does he/she seem easy to talk to? What is your comfort level when you talk with your DUI lawyer? You want to hire a DUI lawyer who is open and honest with you.

Take your time when hiring a lawyer and don’t hire based on price. Your future and driver’s license are at stake here! You want someone who has YOUR best interests at heart.

Source by Maria Palma

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